About the Indie Ocean

Unlike PC indie gaming, which has a long and distinguished history, the Xbox Live indie marketplace is a mire of risible excuses for games that have clearly had no effort or care put into them at all. Equal parts generic twin-stick shooter, tacky juvenile dating sim and facile avatar frivolity, sometimes it seems it’s not worth trying to plumb the depths.

Every now and then, though, a gem emerges. Cup of tea in hand, I am here to plunge into the farthest recesses of the indie ocean in some sort of Stingray-like submersible, pointing out the rare and beautiful wildlife while warning you off the barrels of raw sewage.


Alan was trained as a medieval historian and plans to start doctoral research in that field alongside whatever else he’s doing with his life. He just finds it interesting.

He spent most of his life in England but now lives in Wales, where he can view the sea from his living room window.

He has been playing video games since somewhere around 1986, starting with the likes of Game Over and Oh Mummy! on his then-best-friend’s…something. It may have been a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, but a bit of research suggests it was more likely an Amstrad CPC.

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